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Stall Components

We offer a variety of stall front and wall options to meet your needs and style.

Elite Series

These beautiful stall fronts offer European elegance with all of our standard safety features. The Champion, Grand Prix, Legacy and Heritage style fronts are offered with options such as spruce or cedar tongue and groove wood and a large variety of powder coated colors.

A great choice when you want to add elegance to your barn!

Estate Series

These stall fronts include:

  • Vertical grill bars
  • Flush Mount feed door latch
  • Pull down auto locking doors
  • Painted steel siding

Add tongue and groove wood siding or powder coating to these fronts for a nice touch to your barn.

Rancher Series

These stall fronts include:

  • Pony Shoe feed door latch
  • Chain hasp stall door lock
  • 3 - rail horizontal bars
  • Painted steel siding

Tongue and groove wood siding and powder coating can also be added to these fronts to add some style.

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Champion Stall Front

Grand Prix Stall Front

Heritage Front

Champion Front

Legacy Stall Front

Grand Prix Front

Legacy Front

Estate Front

Estate Front Powder Coated

Rancher Front With Yoke

3 Rail Shutter Window

Rancher Front

Stall Guard

Grill Door

Yoke Door

Rancher Door

Solid Dutch Door

Grill Dutch Door

Powder Coated Full Grill Divider Wall

Two Thirds Grill Divider Wall

Double Grill Door

Grilled Shutter

Mesh Stall Front

Mini Front Yoke